Earning money with blog

Earning money with blog is simple and easy. But first, what is a blog? A blog is kind of a website, a journal that is available on the web. It's already hosted and set with all kinds of different tools. So if you decide to create or set up a blog you just have to choose the company that offers one, choose the domain and you are almost ready.

By almost I mean , you have to ask your self first what are your goals with one. You have to decide whether you intend to make some money from it or simply to have one from pure fun.

Monetizing your blog takes a lot of knowledge and time in order to do it proper. You can monetize you blog many ways and here are some:

- Display advertizing, include within your page elements as much ads as you like, but include only the relevant one.

- Targeted advertising is also great way of monetizing. This way you include other companies ads, some are paying good to promote their ads within your site.

- Affiliate links: are far most popular and they provide great deal of income trough your blog.

- Selling your content: You can sell almost anything over your site (ebooks, DVDs,...)

These are only some of monetizing metods you can use to earn money blogging. As you can see there are countless ways of how to use your blog in order to make money.

Here is my free tip on how you can earn money blogging.

When you set up a blog exclude all of the page elements and simply use a blog as a preseller page for your affiliate link. This way your blog is for warming up the visitor or subscriber. If set correctly you'll convert better.

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I wouldn't say that making money on your blog is "easy". To make a good living you have to put in a lot of work. A few bucks here and there? Yes, that is easy.

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