Google Search Engine and Google AdSense banned Checker

For those of you who feel blog or website was indexed or chached by google long and have a high page Rank, but now it is no longer indexed and your page rank have a drastic fall alias zero. This problem could be by this reason: your blog or website was banned by google. Some of them may be the reason you are a partner of google adsense, or your blog violate the Terms of Service from Google.

There is a tool that can find out if your blog is really powered by Google or not. It can be met in This tool can check whether you really dibaned by google or not. And this tool can also calculate how many pages of your blog or website that you have indexed by Google search engine.

To use it you enter the domain name or URL from your blog or website in the form Enter your domain name, then click the check. After that you can know whether your blog or website is really banned by google or not.

Here's a screen shot after I checked the website from

friendster screen shot banned check

Based on the screen shots are known that is not banned by google, google adsense and the number of page indexed as many as 11,900,000 pages.

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Ferienwohnung said... on 

Nice information - Google is really growing stronger each day.

Many sites are being banned because they copy the same content on multiple pages to get page views.
Thanks for sharing this website banned checker link here with us.

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