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Several years ago blogs were seen more as a vehicle to express one's thoughts on a particular topic. For more details go to: they used to be referred to as weblogs and were almost like an online diary.

Today you can monetize your blog and make money from it fairly easily. There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up a blog as a home business income vehicle.

There are many different blogging platforms available that you can choose from. Many hosting companies have them incorporated into their back office which you can easily create a folder and upload into. The key point we want to make here is that you are better off to host your own blog than to use a free blogging platforms such as Blogger.

It is worth investing a few dollars to have somebody do this for you if you're not sure how. One thing you certainly want to include is social bookmarking plug-ins which is an important way of marketing your blog.

You want to stay on the theme of your blog when you write articles. For example if you have a blog about fishing, you do not want to be putting articles in it about downloading music. For help visit: the reason for this is you are writing articles to please your reader as well as search engine bait.

Monetizing a blog is very easy to do by incorporating Google Adsense into it and joining affiliate programs and placing banners where they can be seen. As an affiliate whenever somebody buys a product from a website that they come to from your banner you earn a commission.

Learning how to optimize an article for search engines is an important trick to learn. It is actually very easy and you want to target specific keywords in the title, and in the introduction and closing paragraphs. The rest of your article should be written naturally and really only needs to be 250 to 300 words to be effective.

Be sure and bookmark your post to the top directories which should be included in a plug-in that is installed on the bottom of each post.

If you consistently add content to your blog you will find it can become a good home business income opportunity for you.

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