Australian Law Reform Commission Job Vacancies (Update)

The Australian Law Reform Commission is a federal agency that reviews Australia’s laws to ensure they provide improved access to justice for all Australians by making laws and related processes more equitable, modern, fair and efficient.

The ALRC conducts inquiries - also known as references - into areas of law at the request of the Attorney-General of Australia. Based on its research and consultations throughout an inquiry, the ALRC makes recommendations to government so that government can make informed decisions about law reform. The ALRC's recommendations do not automatically become law, however over 85 per cent of the ALRC's reports have been either substantially or partially implemented - making it one of the most effective and influential agents for legal reform in Australia.

The ALRC is part of the Attorney-General's portfolio, however it is independent of government and is able to undertake research, consultations and legal policy development, and to make recommendations to the Parliament, without fear or favour.

The Australian Law Reform Commission welcomes applications from the diverse Australian community including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with disability, people of all ages and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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