List of Website About American Idol 2012

Where the place if you like see anything about American Idol this season? Here the list of website which provide all about American Idol 2012.

This is the Official website of American Idol. Here you can see informations like American Idol LIVE! Tour 2012, Photos, Judges, Performances, Backstage, Contestants, After the Show, Diaries, Moments, and Auditions.

To get update from American Idol don't forget to follow their twitter account. This account have about six hundred thousand followers over the world.

This is the official Facebook Account of American Idol. Click the Like button of this page to get some news and update from American Idol.

From wikipedia, you will get history of American Idol from season 1 until now.

Check latest video from American Idol event on Youtube.

Those are some websites that you can make a place to find information about American Idol.

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