The Samsung Galaxy S3 Explodes in The Car?

The hottest news of Samsung Galaxy S3 is that it did not explode itself in the car it occurred due to some external sources so Galaxy S3 is a completely safe gadget.

A few weeks ago news of the explosion of Samsung Galaxy s3 was highlighted in the newspaper and the incident took place inside someone's car. By hearing this news all the admirers of this smart phone and company was shocked very badly as Galaxy has shown its best performance in almost all the features and was considered to be the best phone of the year 2012. Due to this a big team of investigation was made for making investigation in this matter and according to the searches the explode take place due to external energy but not due to the handset itself. So this is great news for the lovers of S3 and they can plan for purchasing this gadget. Last month the pictures of the burning Galaxy S3 were exposed in the newspaper which created a great panic among the owners of Galaxy s3.

This Samsung galaxy S3 belong to the a Dublin based student and he wrote that he was driving his car along with the handset and suddenly white flames, sparks and a bang noise came out of the handset. He also stated that along with the mobile some plastic of my car also got burned in addition to this he also said that he is really very annoyed as it could be the side of my face, leg or in my pocket. Then the company has hired on contract the Fire Investigations UK to find out what exactly happened. And the investigation department has declared that the fire did not occur due to the handset it is due to some external source.

The injury recorded inside the owner's injured gadget was to position the devices or constituent parts inside a household microwave and the only way it was possible to produce damage. Moreover that boy also stated that he would take back his original statement as the damage to the handset was caused by the third person even though they were attempting to recuperate the handset from water and caused damage to the handset. It was a stupid mistake but not was a deliberate act as there was no fault with the handset. It just happened owing to a great quantity of external energy.
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