Samsung Galaxy S3 Touches 10 Million People

Within very few months, Samsung Galaxy S3 has become the most sold handset in the market. As data says, about 10 million Galaxy S3s have been sold in the market till the date.

Samsung has a lot of causes this weekend to get celebration. Its flagship handset Samsung Galaxy S3 has become a milestone in the market of mobile phones and it touches the highest number in sales report. It has accomplished a supercilious aim of touching 10m in the first 2 months. A well directed and punctual worldwide roll-out in 140 nations and months of iPhone like eagerness for the handset has witnessed the Korean based ship an unparalleled number of units.

The handset was brought into light in the month of May and landed in the store by the end of same month, glowing a mad-dash from UK handset admirer to find their fingers on its super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display. The handset has been introduced with a number of high end features and technologies. Galaxy S3 possesses a very fast processor named Quad-core processor along with Android ICS and an extremely intense and vibrant AMOLED high definition display. Apart from these, manufacturer has added some more important features such as face-recognition technology to ensure that the display doesn't get time out when it reads.

The success story has been published in the public by its manufacturer and it has said that the company has accounted about 6m $ in second quarter. Though, Samsung is celebrating its huge success in the market, but you must not forget those network providers who have made the handset available everywhere with their lucrative plans. Apart from the features and applications, Samsung Galaxy S3 is tagged with so many affordable plans. Here the network service providers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, Orange, Virgin and 3Mobile have introduced all the three plans like contract deals, Pay As You Go and SIM free.

Samsung Galaxy S3 contract deals come with all-round benefits. Here, you don't only get the deals with affordable handset and some bonus minutes, but also some attractive free gifts such as free LCD TV, camera, Laptop, PSP and many more. On the other side, Pay As You Go and SIM free plans have been also very important players in the market where these two have added a lot to the sales of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Author: Jimmy Fallon

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