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Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent; the main events are usually during February. Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which mark an overturning of daily life.

Carnival is traditionally held in Catholic and, to a lesser extent, Eastern Orthodox societies. Protestant areas usually do not have Carnival celebrations or have modified traditions, such as the Danish Carnival or other Shrove Tuesday events. The Brazilian Carnival is one of the best-known celebrations today, but many cities and regions worldwide celebrate with large, popular, and days-long events. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the largest carnival in the world, according to the Guinness World Records.

Dec 4-Jan 1, 2012Monserratt
Dec 25-Jan 3, 2012St. Kitts
Dec 25-Jan 8, 2012St. Croix (V.I)
Dec 26 & Jan 1, 2012Bahamas (Junkanoo)
Jan 7-Feb 26th, 2012CuraƧao Carnival (Fudeka)
Feb 18-21, 2012Barranquilla, Colombia
Feb 18-21, 2012Barranquilla, Colombia
Feb 20-21, 2012Trinidad & Tobago
Feb 20-21, 2012Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Feb 20-21, 2012Dominica
Feb 20-21, 2012Ecuador
Feb 20-21, 2012Haiti Carnival (Kanaval)
Feb 20-21, 2012New Orleans, LA
Feb 23, 2012Guyana (Mashramani)
Mar 5-8, 2012Panama City, Panama
Mar 7-8, 2012Aruba
Mar 31-Apr 28, 2012St. Thomas (V.I)
Apr 11-16, 2012Bacchanal Jamaica
Apr 19-May 2, 2012St. Maarten
May 2-6, 2012Cayman Islands (Batabano)
May 26, 2012Honduras
May, 2012Pt. Fortin Borough Day
May 22-24, 2012Bermuda (Junkanoo)
May 24-27, 2012Georgia Carnival (Dekalb)
May 24-27, 2012Atlanta, GA
May 24-27, 2012Orlando, FL
May 26-27, 2012San Francisco, CA
May 25-28, 2012Berlin (Germany)
June 2-9, 2012Calgary (Carifest), AB, Canada
June, 2012Philadelphia, PA
June 9-10, 2012Tampa, FL
June 9-10, 2012Tampa Bay, FL
June 14-16, 2012Charleston Carifest, SC
June 16, 2012Ottawa (Carivibe Beach Festival)
June 17, 2012West Palm Beach, FL
June 23-24, 2012Washington DC
June 25, 2012Solo Batik Carnival, Central Java
June 29-30, 2012Charlotte Caribbean Festival
June 29-Jul 10, 2012St. Vincent & The Grenadines
July, 2012St. John (V.I)
July 4-8, 2012Houston, TX (Caribfest)
July, 2012Montreal, Canada (Carifest)
July, 2012Baltimore Carnival (Maryland)
July 11-17, 2012St. Lucia (Lucian Carnival)
July, 2012Jersey City, NJ
July 20-21, 2012Atlantic City, NJ
Jul 26-Aug 7, 2012Nevis (Culturama)
July 27-28, 2012Rotterdam (Zomer Carnival)
July 28-29, 2012Vancouver, BC
July 28-Aug 7, 2012Antigua
Aug 1-5, 2012Toronto (Caribana)
Aug 1-6, 2012Barbados (Crop Over)
Aug, 2012Anguilla Summer Festival
Aug, 2012Tortola Carnival (BVI)
Aug 5-7, 2012Edmonton (Cariwest)
Aug 5-6, 2012Detroit, MI
Aug 9-14, 2012Grenada (Spice Mas)
Aug 11, 2012Norfolk, Virginia (Caribfest)
Aug 11-12, 2012Hamilton, Canada
Aug 18, 2012Ottawa (Carivibe Parade)
Aug, 2012Hartford (Connecticut)
Aug, 2012Ottawa (Caribe-Expo)
Aug 19-25, 2012Boston, MA
Aug 26-27, 2012Notting Hill (London, UK)
Sep 1-5, 2012New York (Labor Day)
Sep 13-16, 2012Jacksonville, FL
Oct 3-8, 2012Miami Carnival, FL
Nov 8-18, 2012Cayman Pirates Week

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