RIM Has Launched 4G Playbook Tablet in Canada

RIM is stepping ahead in the mobile market of Canada and later on other countries by launching a 4G playbook or in short it would connect to mobile data

After such a long time the admirers of BlackBerry would go to hear some launching news from BlackBerry side. Next week RIM the mobile phone maker would be coming with its 4G Playbook tablet in Canada whereas the citizens of UK has to wait for few months for its arrival. In the existing Play Book there is a Wi-Fi facility only so this 4G version would be the initial RIM tablet headed for uniting by means of a mobile network. Rim has decided to launch the tablet firstly in Canada and then to the corner of the world like US, Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

By the end of this year the UK 4G auction is set to take place so it is not good for the UK citizens to get it before that. The fantastic 4G Playbook would goes on sale in Canada from Thursday 9 August moreover possess a 32GB of storage. Over a year ago RIM launched its unique Play Book however it struggled a lot and got less popularity due to a be deficient in of email and no mobile connection. It faces a tough competition was iPad and Nexus and just help the Play Book to score two stars out of five.

The admirers first heard news that a mobile data-enabled Play Book is coming back in the month of January, then a rumor was spread that it would be 3G rather than 4G. Then again in April the pictures of 4G version was exposed viewing that the SIM tray is absent as of the Wi-Fi-only. At the same time this would be the RIM initial most important launch and the BB10 would be its upcoming mobile operating system but has been delayed till the next year.

It's better to forget its launching before then. Also Rim has provided a hint regarding the BB10 for giving its license to other prevailing manufacturers so we would observe this Operating system in the handsets of other companies. The RIM other super sized tablet called Black forest would be the next launch in the coming year. The admirer of RIM would definitely go for this playbook as it connects to the mobile data.

Author: Andy Thomson

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