Samsung Galaxy S3 Collects Quality Issues

It is very shocking to hear that the most successful handset Galaxy S3 has reportedly collected some issues related to features and applications. The users have reported that they are really having very bad experience with S3. Some videos have been uploaded by the users on YouTube reporting quality issues in S3.

Just after few months, Samsung Galaxy S3 has had some technical issues and the users are approaching to Samsung to get their handset replaced with a new one. Though, Samsung has already addressed some complaints, but the users have expressed their bad experience with the handset. There has been a wave of recital and feature issues reported by the users since the time when Galaxy S3 steps in the market. Samsung's flagship handset has got complaints ranging from low-priced build quality to irritating performance issue. Here, we have tried to focus all those points that have reportedly raised complaints.

Low-price manufacturing quality
Samsung has used plastic for the back cover of Galaxy S3 and there has been complaint of small cracks spotted on back cover. It has been reported that the plastic used to mould back cover is very cheap. The users were expecting that the handset might be made of premium plastic as Galaxy S2 was designed with it. Users have also reported some cracks appeared on the sides and buttons. There is a number of such kind of complaints reported to Samsung, Samsung has offered to replace for the substandard mobile phones. The same problems have been found in HTC One S when it was introduced, but HTC suddenly took step and replaced all those handsets.

Camera infection -
Samsung Galaxy S3 has been reportedly found some software problems related to its primary camera. A user has posted a video on YouTube claiming the problem that the camera is facing, but a user has also claimed that now his replaced Galaxy S3 is working well.

Complaint related to composing messages -
Some users have also got problem while composing message. The performance of massage drafting comes very sluggish and non-reactive while touching alphabets so many times or moving cursor. Though, Samsung is planning to abolish all these problem with launch of its new upcoming firmware updates for Samsung Galaxy S3, the users have sought for either replacement of handset or updated firmware that can repair the glitches.

Author: Jimmy Fallon

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