The HTC Sensation XE the Surprisingly Music Lovers Handset

The HTC Sensation XE boost a ear catchy music along with the pair of head phones available with this smart phone especially for the music lovers.

The HTC Sensation is amongst the best Android handsets of HTC and is an update version of the existing Sensation. Its energetic dual core processor, superior bundled earphones and Beats Audio tech has made the gadget a challenger to Samsung galaxy S2. This improved version has come up with the beats audio headphones and a fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The gadget is available on a monthly contract around £35 and SIM free would cost to you around £450.

There are many users that are sick of the mobiles having very boring music players along with the hopeless headphones then they would find great interest in the HTC Sensation XE. The consequence of HTC's sophisticated treaty by means of headphone creator Beats Audio and is no less than Dr. Dre. The smart phone is accessible along with a pair of iBeats earphones which are very reasonable than any of the existing budgeted Android handset. You would definitely appreciate a gigantic enhancement in its audio quality especially music lovers.

HTC has taken a very wise decision by enhancing the speed than the previous model by expanding dual-core CPU from 1.2GHz to an impressive 1.5GHz. With such an enhanced feature places the gadget firmly next to the front line of the smart phone power war and continue that position for a long time. The HTC Sensation XE is a powerful handset and would lag behind the operating system of many brands like Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is the initial Android handset in which the Ice Cream Sandwich is pre installed or else it is also known as version 4.0 of Google's mobile OS.

The Sensation XE is more or less confident to get Android 4.0 at some point; however that is probable to be a fine few months off yet. This is for very sure that HTC challenges of delivering a comprehensively pleasurable experience to all its admirers. If you purchase the headphones separately from the then it would cost you around £64 as the headphones are the Monster iBeats model, moreover they also possess an inbuilt microphone and inline remote control. But these headphones would not sound you better than those available with the handset so purchasing them alone is not a right choice.

Author: Mark Boucher

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