Main Dealer Mitsubishi in Jambi

For those of you who live in Jambi province of Indonesia, both in the City of Jambi, Sengeti, Sungai Bahar, Muara Sabak, Kuala Tungkal, Merlung, Muara Bungo, Muara Bulian, Tembesi, Sarolangun, Bangko, Kerinci and other cities who want to get information about Mitsubishi vehicles, please visit Jambi Mitsubishi Dealers in Jl. Kol. Abunjani. No. 10 Simpang III Sipin Jambi.

Mitsubishi products in Jambi include:
- Pajero Sport
- Strada Triton
- Mirage
- Outlander Sport
- Colt Diesel
- Colt L300
- Colt T120SS
- Fuso

Or you can call direct sales marketing at Jambi Mitsubishi Dealer phone number: 085221160600, or visit the web page:

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