Unique Photography Techniques With Ultraviolet

In addition to the video, a unique photographic technique was also shown by an artist named Rony Rahardian or more familiarly called Onik that uses the unique characteristics of ultraviolet light as a method to capture the image. The basic concept of photography in capturing the light seems to bring innovations in the work. One of them as is done by the following Onik.

By using ultraviolet photography techniques, these unique works successfully brought Onik become finalists a creative competencies Go Ahead Challenge. "Okay, there it is my favorite work of all, I chose three works of my hero and it's a different year, there were 2013 and 2014".

Photography Techniques With Ultraviolet

Photography Techniques With Ultraviolet

When asked why using techniques Ultra Violet rays (UV) is a method, here's the answer, "I chose to use the UV because I think he has a photographic exploration of the unique and not constantly use the flash or light that is common that now exists. It which allows me to continue to explore, try new things, passion matched, and I think Go Ahead, your life passion ".

Photography Techniques With Ultraviolet

Produce works with distinctive characteristics would require special equipment and techniques in the process. Then, what kind of camera specifications used in this photography technique? "Actually, I chose some of the more advanced camera, with a low lite and ISO minimal in number 600, its speed can be lower if you want moving, if you want a bit of freeze can also safely use 1/10, and 40 are also safe", hopefully can inspire you all.

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