Ford Focus Vs Ford Fusion

Doing thorough research before buying a new car is a great idea, and if you are a Ford fan, you will no doubt have come across the news of its latest innovation, the Ford Fusion. For the sake of gauging it against something familiar, let's compare it to the sporty and racy Focus, which replaced the Escourt.

In terms of performance, the Fusion boasts a six speed transmission, were the Focus only had five, although the Focus does have the optional six speed auto. When considering fuel economy however, the Focus takes the lead with 26 mpg in town driving, and 36 on highways, whereas the Fusion only attains 22 mpg in town driving and 34 on the Highway. The other point to consider is the possibility of raised insurance premiums with higher engine power.

This argument would depend on whether you want to play on the road, or if you are simply looking to get from A to B with the most affordable vehicle. The Fusion does have a larger turning radius than the Focus, again emphasizing the sporty difference between the two models. The engine of the Fusion does a far better job of transmitting power to the wheels than the Focus does, despite the setback in its maneuvering technique.

Ford Focus Vs Ford Fusion

If you are looking for a family car, or a vehicle that requires room enough for a few people, space would be an important element to examine. The Fusion is larger vehicle, when comparing sedan to sedan. While the Focus has a hatchback boot, an essential part of its sporty allure the Fusion has more foot space and is slightly wider. On the other hand, if you are a young buyer with no family to transport, a smaller model such as the Focus may be great as it is easier to park and manoeuvre.

The two main factors to consider when comparing prices of cars, is the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) and secondly the Destination Charge, meaning the price of transporting the vehicle from the manufacturer to the dealer. While the Focus is somewhat less in the MSRP, the Focus and the Fusion are about the same in destination charges. It is really up to the individual to decide which model would be better value for money based on personal needs.

While both cars are able to carry the same amount of people, the Fusion takes the lead when it comes to comfort. With more leg room, and a higher roof, it can accommodate taller people in the front as well as allowing room to stretch out and get comfortable. Unless you are very tall or often travel long distances, these points are not too important. If you are all about space and comfort, the Fusion would definitely be the better choice.

Both vehicles come with the same warranty, and other factors such as aesthetics would be strictly personal preference.
All in all you can't go wrong if you choose Ford, regardless of the model. It is always a great idea to test drive all the various vehicles you are considering buying in order to help you choose the best model for yourself.

Car shopping should be an enjoyable exercise, so take your time in selecting your new car and research all your options thoroughly!

Author: Deerah Van Heerden

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