Use Traffic Exchanges To Get Traffic To Your Website

To surf or not to surf? That is a very good question. I've been doing a lot of research on the effective ways to drive traffic to my website. Most importantly the free way. There are many free avenues to advertising such as blogging, articles, free classifieds, as well as traffic exchanges. When it comes to traffic exchanges there can be a fine line between wasting time and being successful in driving good, quality traffic to your site.

The whole concept behind traffic exchanges is surfing other people's sites in exchange for credits that will give your site views. For the most part, people that use traffic exchanges are doing the same thing you are doing: quickly surfing through as many sites as they can to get credits for their site to get viewed. From experience, I usually don't spend much time on each site and I'm usually surfing more than one exchange at a time to make best use of my time. Getting a great quantity of traffic will never be a problem if you are willing to spend the time surfing. Getting quality traffic depends greatly on the site which you are trying to push.

If your site is a specific product or service that requires a significant investment it will probably be overlooked. However, if you are advertising a site that provides free advertising solutions, a free affiliate program, a blog, site referrals, or an inexpensive product or service that will catch someones eye, you will have much better luck.

If you decide that your site will fit well into a traffic exchange, there is the question of which traffic exchanges to use and how to use them effectively. For starters you need to sign up for many different exchanges as you can find as this will give you a wider audience. Create an email address separate from your personal or business email because you will have a lot of confirmation emails as well as follow up emails. Also keep a notepad file with all of your login names and passwords. I've listed quite a few exchanges that I've found to be effective down below. You should also use all the features that each traffic exchange provides. This will give you the most exposure possible. Features such as banner and text link submissions will increase your site presence. Downline builders can help you get referrals that can net you credits or sometimes even money.

When it comes to surfing I suggest surfing 5 sites at a time. Not only will this help you use your time more wisely but some sites actually offer credit bonuses for surfing simultaneously. (see below) Surf 5 sites a day and rotate among the exchanges to make sure you keep a consistent level of credits with your links on each site. (Example: Group 1 on Monday, Group 2 Tuesday, Group 1 Wednesday, Group 3 Thursday, and so on) I haven't found a tried and true way to rotate and keep credit levels up, some sites will use credits faster than others, so trial and error will have to do. Finding out what exchanges work well together with counter times so you can flow from one site to the other quicker is also something that you'll just have to test. How long to surf each day is up to you. It all depends on the time you are willing to spend. I suggest being very careful as in some weird way it can become a little addictive. I usually allot myself an hour or less each day.

I wish you the best of luck in using traffic exchanges as an effective way of driving traffic to your website. Remember that just because your site is getting hits that doesn't mean that people are really paying attention, let alone signing up for your product or service. Hits aren't enough to make traffic exchanges worth the effort. If you find that they are not significantly helping your bottom line then traffic exchanges may not be worth your time.

To surf or not to surf? That's up to you. Be smart, give it a try and give it some time. You might find that traffic exchanges may be just the thing that your advertising mix needed.

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