Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

There are as many theories on the best approach to Internet Marketing as there is theories on which is the best religion. Like religion, I personally believe that you should choose a vehicle that is comfortable to you to get to your destination. Your destination as an Internet Marketer should be making enough money off your efforts to be independent and answer to no one.

Of course it takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to get to this point. Anybody who tells you different is flat out misleading you in my opinion. Even the masters of this game have already spent years in the business and have paid their dues. But one point most agree on, regardless of methodology, is that you need traffic. No matter what you are selling or how you are selling it, you are not selling it without traffic.

If you are like most people, then starting out means you are probably low on cash. It is only logical, because the biggest group of people that get into Internet Marketing are people who are looking to supplement their income. Then when they see the potential, almost everybody then tries to make a living from it.

But back to the beginning. Just starting out usually means just above being broke. Which means you need to find ways to increase the traffic to your sales page at either low cost or better, no cost. There are 3 things that take effort on your part, but are free other than investing in your time. They are blogging, writing articles, and commenting on forums. All 3 are not only no cost ways to increase traffic, but they also bring targeted traffic to your sales page if you do them correctly.


Blogging can be broken down into the concept of logging perpetual content on the internet. It was created basically to satisfy a voyeristic need to show the world your diary. But since it has been on the scene, many marketers have realized the potential of this blogging. Using key words and narrowing it down to specific subjects, marketers have realized you can generate targeted traffic to other websites or sales sites by talking about a specific subject in a blog and send the people reading it to websites selling relative products.

The beauty of this methodology is that you can get your blogs hosted for free. There are several companies that will allow you to create a blog and they will host is for you. The are two main blogging sites people use, blogger and wordpress. Both have sites that allow you to create an id and login and then create as many blogs as you like. Say you create a blog called secrets of the dog trainer. Then you would put posts in there about dog training stuff and then send the people to websites selling your dog training books or somebody elses that you are affiliating for.

Writing articles.

Writing articles is a great way to send targeted traffic to websites. The premise is simple, in fact you are reading it right now! You write articles on specific subjects, in this case, cheap, low, or no cost ways to create traffic. So the fact that you are reading this right now only proves the power of writing articles to generate targeted traffic.

The thing is that writing articles scares a lot of people. It should not scare you. Writing articles, especially in a conversational setting like this, is real easy. You just pretend you are having an actual conversation with somebody. Tell them about your subject, except you are writing it down instead of talking directly to somebody. There are a lot of companies that will publish your articles for free. They also allow you to give a website in your author box, and yes, I have one below as well. In fact I think you are going to like my link, but that is the advantage of article writing to get targeted traffic to a website.

Responding to Forums.

The last thing to talk about to get free targeted traffic to your website is responding to posts in forums (although really you could do this to other people's blogs too). The thing is forum moderators take offense to people coming in and not contributing to their forums, but just posting comments with links in them. Do not be one of these people.

Look, if the forum is of the subject matter you are promoting, then being a part of the forum is only a benefit to you. You can see what others are talking about in your niche. You can contribute to the conversations. Then after establishing yourself as someone credit worthy, then you can start leaving relative comments to other posts with your links in them. I tell you this because if you just randomly start popping into forums and posting, you are not going to get traffic.

There you are 3 ways to get no cost targeted traffic.

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