Watch Euro 2012 in Ukraine? Beware of Measles

The fans and supporters in attendance at the Euro Cup matches are advised to be wary of the health threat in Poland and Ukraine. UEFA recommends, to ensure the stamina of supporters and fans to enjoy the game during the match, they should consult with their physician before leaving the country.

UEFA also asked fans wary of the threat of measles. To prevent this disease, fans and supporters are advised to undergo injections of the vaccine, especially before going to the Ukraine. This warning is quite reasonable because measles is now endemic in the EU.

During the past 2012, the disease was found in a number of EU countries, including in Ukraine which are not members of this organization. Measles is a dangerous disease that is triggered by the virus.

Their main symptoms of this disease include fever, skin rash, coughing and eye infection. These symptoms appear 10 to 12 days after the victims infected with measles virus. Measles can be more dangerous because it could potentially lead to infection of the lung and brain infection.

Euro 2012 organizers declared non-smoking in all matches. Therefore, there is a hard ban for sell cigarettes and tobacco, including the promotion of activities related to smoking in all areas of the stadium without exception.

So also with drugs and illegal drugs. The use of both types of hazardous materials is prohibited in Poland and Ukraine. Those who get caught taking them, will be under sentence of imprisonment.

What about weather? Temperatures in Ukraine and Poland in the summer can be quite high, and can lead to heat stroke and dehydration of the skin. Those aged 60 years and over easily suffer adverse effects from exposure to this heat. So also in children.

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