BlackBerry Torch 9810 | Design and Keyboard Review

BlackBerry Torch 9810 possesses a fantastic design and a comfortable keyboard especially for its admirers.

The design of The BlackBerry Torch 9810 is very much similar to the last year's handset 9800 but this time Torch 9810 has a chrome finish personality moreover the smart phone is fully clad with unblemished silver. Everything is coated with plastic but the edges of its front panel are of metal. At the reverse side of the smart phone there is a grid like texture that aids grip. Also the cover of the battery is not built of metal as it is built on the Torch 9860.

The Torch 9810 has the aforesaid visual touchpad and there is a customary bank of commands by the underneath of the screen and bristling with physical inputs. Although it seems to be capacitive touch sensitive switches and goes red with the display and in fact these are physical keys underneath a slim coating of plastic. There is a volume rocker and convenience key on the right hand side of the smart phone. When running the camera application it can be used to snap photos.

BlackBerry Torch 9810

The lock button is accessible on the left side and at the top of gadget and on the right there is a mute key. With the help of mute button you may receive a call either you may listen to the music or watching a movie or you may cut the sound but it cannot be used to for turning the handset into your silent profile. If talking about the keyboard then its physical boundary consists of a slide-out QWERTY display. The buttons are very small and are placed nearby but however you may type just like the greased lightning.

Moreover with the help of apps such as Swype and Swift Key X have ken the typing through touch screen to the new-fangled levels of prediction, accuracy and speed. Also you cannot forget the experience of authentic buttons underneath your fingertips. You may bash out an email, face book message, or update the status on the Blackberry 9810 deals . You would enjoy while playing with its buttons and in spite of small they are very comfortable to use. And if the numbers are placed on a separate line of keys except with the existing letter buttons would definitely be preferred by the users.

Author: Nick Willis

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