Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 in Olympics Opening

During the opening of Olympics Apart from the Galaxy S3 many other gadgets were also available in the show which was quite amazing and strange.

The Olympics games held in this year in London is in the air moreover the elements related to them also gets a name and fame. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an initial handset that got publicity as this was the official handset of Olympics. Moreover all its admirers would go to see the galaxy S3 in its opening ceremony. For crying out loud there was an Olympic themed version but during the time period when every athlete was entering into the stadium that moment was not captured by the Samsung.

All the audience may record everything on their personal handset whether it may be an iphone, Sony Xperia, HTC or Samsung. During the opening ceremony of Olympics Samsung got a worth full amount. All through the time period regarding social media a small love tale was played which was about a girl who lost her handset and a young man found that handset. He returned the smart phone to the girl and kissed and without any doubt it was the new Galaxy Note. A proper lime light was thrown on the smart phone for gaining maximum popularity. And after that the athletes began to enter the stadium turn wise turn that is country by country.

All of them were recording every single second of that occasion from their cameras, camcorders, iphone sans SLR. All the unnecessary shouting and hooting the names of the rivals to the most important sponsors inside five miles of the Olympic Village was strictly prohibited. Also you cannot stop the athletes of using their personal handsets moreover it was quite surprising that seeing so numerous of them enjoying it throughout an LCD somewhat than lapping up the occurrence.

The other main highlight of the event was James Bond and the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter which according to the opinion for which Danny Boyle deserves a knighthood moreover Paul McCartney finishing stuff by way of a performance of Hey Jude. But variety of handsets accessible in the event upsets Samsung a lot. As it is already cleared to everyone earlier that Galaxy s3 would be the only gadget used in during Olympics but existence of the other gadgets has created doubt in the Samsung.

Author: Jimmy Fallon

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