iPhone 4S Benchmark Tests Proves to Be Faster

The efficient Apple iphone 4S has done indeed very well in all bench mark test and has proved to be the best handset if comparing with other existing handsets.

In the shape of an A5 chip the iPhone 4S is fully loaded with a better-quality processor than the iPhone 4. Now the smart phone has turned into an extremely professional handset in addition to this the apps unfasten speedily, rapid-fire typing proving snappy and approachable and menus sliding smoothly. The smart phone score of 2,181.6 when the Sun spider JavaScript benchmark test was conducted. And when the same test was conducted in iphone 4 then it scored 3,790.3 which implies that the iphone 4S is considerably quicker than its ancestor.

Moreover the iphone 4s also strike the Samsung Galaxy S2 as it scores 3,445.3 because the low scores imply the better handset. But if talking about the ipad 2 which is running iOS 5 and is very impressive as it scores 1,805.9 which imply the 4S is not much faster than the ipad 2. A graphics test in the form of GLBenchmark 2.1 was conducted which is an app that functions a videogame-style 3D circumstances and position the device's polygon-chucking capability. Here also the iphone 4S scored remarkable 6,568 that manages graphically exhaustive situation with self-confidence, and defeat our iPhone 4's score of 1,621 moreover here high scores are better.

So while looking into all these results this shows that iphone 4S delivers a good speed and is far better than its predecessor in terms of handling many courageous gaming and overall performance. But when discussing about its outer looks then it would disappoint you like your predecessor as Apple does not believes in the outer beauty of the gadget. The company believes that the hidden innovative software is the actual beauty of the handset.

The A5 chip a dominant processor makes the smart phone perfect for gaming and many other activities. The demanding games such as Infinity Blade and real racing 2 was also played in the iphone 4S but the smart phone handled both these games with proper ease and comfort. It opens all the apps instantly and no lag when you plunge all the way through menus or type out messages. It's all efficient features has made the smart phone worth full and efficient for all the users who would get this handset.

Author: John Henry

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