The Hottest Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung galaxy S3 is entering the market with the hottest color that is red and would prove to be a smashing hit.

This year's hottest handset Samsung Galaxy s3 is coming out with great innovation to be in the limelight in mobile industry. The handset would available in red color along with the glowing hot crimson holder to match. The picture of this red color gadget is published so that the users can identify the actual image. By the end of this month this diminutive red color smart phone would be accessible to the consumers of US network AT&T.

At present the Galaxy SIII is accessible in marble white color which is really a true white color and is also obtainable in pebble blue color which is quite shimmery. This crimson color is a new color among the exiting and the previous launched gadgets and definitely proves to be a big hit. After having a contact with the spokesperson of Samsung that whether we will get the smart phones in red color only or it would be launched in some other exciting colors. And in return he replied in the due course you would definitely get some wonderful colors handsets.

Earlier the Samsung Galaxy S2 was only available in two colors that is black or white however other Galaxy handsets and tablets comes in diverse colors, like Samsung Galaxy Note in pink color. Very soon at IFA the admirers of Galaxy SIII would be able see the fresh corporate colors which would going to be held by the end of August. In this annual gadgets seminar you would be expecting to observe a new or fresh Note 2. By the end of this year a Galaxy S3 Contract has predicated of selling 19 million smart phones. Which would be a smashing hit in the history of Samsung moreover would lag behind the excellent HTC One X.

Later in the year when the new iphone 5 would arrive what impact it would create in the existing handsets or would finish the empire of Apple. As Samsung is launching Galaxy S3 in various vibrant colors which might affect the sales of the Apple latest handset. This is a really a severe challenge from Samsung to apple and who would win this race is a questing arising in everybody minds. So apart from all these enjoy the S3 in various attractive colors of your choice.

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