Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 Tipped for Jelly Bean Improvement

Samsung is taking steps for updating Galaxy S3 and S2 with Jelly Bean for making the smart phones more popular.

The admirers of Samsung Galaxy S3 are still standing in along queue for getting this progressive handset due to its extra outstanding feature. But these days Google has launched a superior version of Android and by listening this news many hearts have broken. So form now onwards don't break your heart as according to the news Jelly bean which is also known as Android 4.1 is ready to rock in the super sensational handset of Samsung called galaxy S3.

This unexplained modernize does not have any exact date of the launching but according to the estimation it would be launched in the month of August or September. After hearing this rumor the S3 admirers are over delighted as their favorite handset would be updated very soon with the most recent version of Android. This simply shows that Samsung itself also wants to get rid of the Ice Cream Sandwich of S2 and wants something new for its customers. There is also encouraging news that Jelly Bean would go to be tested on the Galaxy S2 White Deals .

Moreover this smart phone was launched during last year but still the company desire these middle age handsets should be updated with the latest version or are capable of running the most modern software. If looking into the decimal points it simply states that ICS is not many steps far ahead from the Jelly Bean. The sources of the Samsung Company are not telling about the exact date of its appearance. The positive trait of the Jelly Bean is that it cares and paid attention that how it feels moving around the interface that is the microscopic differences among level and harsh transitions and animations.

This is known as Project Butter which is compilation of tune-ups and tweaks which in using has made the Android more enjoyable than ever. Also in the coming few weeks if Samsung pushes out the renewal to S3 or S2 then you won't observe it on your handset for some time period afterwards. Moreover if you purchase this Galaxy handset from any network then they have to analysis the software and insert whatsoever blow up they desire and foe checking send it back to Samsung or Google before it is aired.

Author: David Ward

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