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The Samsung DS5007S HANDSET UK is the baby of the DS5000 series of handset phones that deliver user friendly terminals which are compatible with other communication systems. These phones have been designed for simple connections allowing roaming facilities and desktop configurations. Each handset has been built with a variety of features to allow the buyer to use the phone as they see fit. The handsets are also compatible with the OfficeServ system and the DCS series of phones.

The Samsung DS5007S HANDSET UK comes with a two line scrollable LCD screen with forty eight characters that display call and system information. There are seven programmable keys alongside three context sensitive soft keys to help users navigate through the system’s features. Buyers get a choice of ring tones, volume control and a tri-colored LED status indicator. Its inbuilt high end technology allows the handset to be configured for desktop use. With the application of digital or Internet technology the phone can be integrated across LANs, WANs and servers across the organization to unite all communications. Phones across the company can be configured to have a common look and feel. Since all handsets made by the company in the DS5000 series have the same instrumentation, users of other phones will not take long to master the functions of the Samsung DS5007S HANDSET UK.

Buyers will be most impressed by the LED indicators on the handset. The transfer, hold and speaker buttons have LEDs on them that give indications on how they are being used. A steady green means that the external line is in use. A fast flashing green means that a new call is coming. A slow flashing green means that a call is on hold. Slow flashing amber means that a transferred call is returning to the phone. A flashing red means that a message is waiting. The status indicator is located on the upper right side of the LCD panel.

It is possible to adjust the volume levels on the speakerphone, ringer and handset. The levels that have been set will be saved in memory. Background music is also available and the volume level of music can be set. There are a total of sixteen volume levels to choose from. Users can take their pick from a choice of eight different ring tones. There are also a variety of holding options which include a system hold, exclusive hold and a consultation hold. A flashing red light indicates when the call is on hold at another extension.

Since the time it has entered the market, the Samsung DS5007S HANDSET UK has gained considerable popularity. It is one of the cheapest phones available in the DS5000 series. There are also quite a few discounts offered on this handset in the market. In fact the maximum retail price is rarely charged by dealers on this phone. With such advanced technology built into such an affordable package, it is no surprise that this handset has found favor with so many offices.

Author: Dorian Joel

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Graham Donald said... on 

Samsung has applied well specifications and features.With great expectation and ambition the Samsung DS5007S model has planned.Also There are well programmable keys alongside three context sensitive soft keys to help users for easy to navigate through the system’s features. We can choice from ring tones, volume control and a tri-colored LED status indicator.Definitely it is very impressive handset.

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