Tips to Boost iPhone Battery

When Not in Use Turn off Your iPhone All Wireless Applications

All the latest phones, being specific Smartphone come with inbuilt wireless applications like Bluetooth and wifi access. So it is advised to switch off such features when they are not in use. As these features tends to deplete your iPhone battery fast. So turning them off can help you extend the battery life for several hours.

If not required then disable the 3G as well. As the 3G technology survives on the battery of the phone. If possible to turn off it will give you long battery life for whole day.

Make use of the auto brightness feature of your iPhone. This will automatically adjust the back light of IPhone as required. This adjustment also helps in saving battery.

Manually Lesser The Screen Brightness

Although you have enabled the auto brightness feature but in some scenarios it does not dim the light as required. There you can manually lower the brightness of the home screen for saving of the battery. Preferred is to keep your brightness to 49% to make optimum use of the iPhone battery.

End Background Apps

According to Apple, the background apps are not technically 'running', unless they are front and centre, which means they should not draw any power.

The multitasking application for the iPhone continues to use resources of system more efficiently depletes your battery.

Applications, for example, Skype or even other VoIP can be especially benefit from the battery when you perform within the setting and so it is better to start launching the applications only when you need which can save the battery life.

Cool Off The IPhone Temperature

High temperature of iPhone also eats up its battery life. If you find that while charging your phone the temperature is increasing, then remove the phone cover before plugging in for charging. Let it also have a breath of fresh air so place it on a table or in open space instead of your pocket. The optimum temperature for iPhone and its battery is between 32°F to 95° F.

Make Use of Solar Chargers

Solar chargers give you freedom of charging your iPhone from anywhere. So if your video light is dying out, you can save it with solar power.

Also another advantage is that you can follow the motto "Go green" while saving the electricity which in turn protects the environment.

Frequently Use your iPhone:
We all know that iphone is a precious thing for anyone but that does not mean that you restrict its use to protect it from daily wear and tear. It is best valued with optimum use of it. Not using the iPhone for a long time can reduce its battery life. Therefore one should use it regularly and change iPhone battery at least once every 6 months.

By the way,u want to know causes of slow computer problems and how to prevent them

Reasons # 1: Virus and Spyware Infections

With computers being connected to the Internet 24 X 7 these days, malware programs, such as virus, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware have become major threats for computer users. These malicious programs infiltrate your system through unprotected Internet connections, spam e-mails, infected external media and many other sources. Once your PC is infected, you may notice a drastic fall in its performance. You may also notice several PC errors, and at times, it may become impossible for you to even work on your computer at all. To prevent infiltration of these malicious programs and to clean your computer from any infections, it is essential for you to install security tools, such as antivirus and antispyware on your PC. You must schedule these tools to run on a regular basis and also keep them updated with the latest definitions to ensure that you are protected against the latest viruses.

Reasons # 2: Damaged and Fragmented Registry

The registry is Backbone of ur Windows operating system because it stores all hardware, software, and user configuration information within it. As your PC gets older, the registry gets filled up with loads of unwanted, outdated, and invalid information that causes registry bloating. A bloated registry easily gets damaged and fragmented, and as a result can slow down your PC. To prevent problems due to a cluttered registry, you must regularly scan and clean your registry. You can do this easily with the help of a reliable registry cleaner tool.

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