Top Most 5 Android Gadgets in UK Market

The top five Android handsets are Samsung Galaxy S2, Huawei Ascend G300, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One S and Samsung Galaxy S3.

There is a long list of the smart phones that are launched in the mobile market among them some of them receives a warm welcome from the consumers whereas some got flop and does not create any good impact on the customers. If discussing about the Android gadgets and taken the idea from the local youth then there came out to be the top most Android gadgets in the mobile industry.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has occupied the number five position and was the biggest hit gadget during last year. But still now also the Galaxy S2 is a superb handset and if you are planning to get this gadget then you may easily choose the gadget for very less price than what its actually cost was when it came out in the market for the first time. Its upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich, superb camera and a simple screen has fascinated thousands of customers around the world and has beaten plenty of better models. Then Huawei Ascend G300 is at the number four position which is well known for creating dongles.

This Chinese company has planned to launch something exciting in the year 2012 in UK. This is the cheapest and the best handset you have ever seen it has a fabulous 1GHz processor, 4 inches screen but many of the G300 handsets runs on Gingerbread version of Android but it also has a Ice Cream sandwich version if you want moreover is accessible for £100 on pay as you go deal which is a very striking deal. Galaxy Nexus is at number three position and runs a latest version of Android Jelly Bean. If you need the latest version of operating system then you may get this handset.

The HTC One S is at number two rank and manufacturers have worked very hard in its designing and power and thus it came out to be a super hit model. Its civilized camera, fantastic 4.3 inch display screen makes the gadget a speedy alternative to iphone. So if you really want any Android gadget that functions very well then this is a suitable option for you. The Samsung Galaxy S3 at number one position which is simply an amazing handset and has no comparison of it.

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