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Careers With AHDB
As you explore the different pages of our website and the many aspects of our organisation, we hope you’ll get a better idea of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
We have lots of talented people here at AHDB but we’re often looking for skilled people to come and join us. If the work that we do and the manner in which we do it appeals to you, perhaps it's time to consider developing your career with AHDB?

Your Career
We want brilliant and knowledgeable people who can work and thrive in a challenging and demanding environment, one in which they are motivated to maximise their own potential, but also one in which they enable others to reach theirs as well.

What We Look For
We’ve found that people who do really well at AHDB tend to have strengths in specific areas.We look for evidence of these strengths at every stage of our recruitment process in order to establish whether you’d be great at the job you are applying for.These skills will vary from role to role, but you should still be able to pick most of them out from the job description.

Some generic skills that we look for in everyone:
  • Operational Performance: Do you plan, execute, and deliver results to solve and anticipate problems?
  • Team Player: Are you willing to build a collaborative environment by helping colleagues, sharing knowledge, and building networks?
  • Response to Change: Do you recognise the need for personal and organisational adaptation in response to changing conditions?
  • Planning & Organising: Can you display organising and prioritising skills by managing, coordinating, and taking part in cross-functional work?
Your Development
We want our colleagues to feel that they can grow both personally and professionally by being stretched, offered new challenges, and finding the scope to make a difference. That’s why we not only offer an environment of stimulation, but we also provide the opportunity for development and progression; one in which you can grow as much as a person as you can as a professional. We understand that by having a skilled and motivated workforce we will achieve our objectives and develop as a business.

Current Opportunities
Below are our current opportunities. If you can't see what you're looking for, we might not have the right opportunity available for you at the moment. We update this page as soon as we start the search for new people, so please continue to check this page regularly. 

Communications Executive (Technical) - closing date - 08 June 2012
Senior Analyst (Cereals) - closing date - 17 June 2012
Trade Marketing Executive- closing date - 08 June 2012
BPEX Food Safety and Quality Projects Manager- closing date - 19 June 2012
Pig Health Improvement Project Coordinator x2 (Fixed Term - 2 years) - closing date - 19 June 2012
Senior Analyst (Potatoes and Cereals) Market Specialist - closing date - 17 June 2012

If you’d like to apply for a role simply submit your CV and an AHDB Equal Opportunities Form* to recruitment@ahdb.org.uk. So we know what role you’re applying for, please make the job title the subject of your email. Because of the quality and quantity of the applications we get, we are unable to process applications from people who don't follow this simple process. Also, if you’re representing a Recruitment Agency please note that we do not accept speculative applications. Unless we’ve contacted you to ask for your help, we want to hear from the individual directly.
We'd prefer you to send your application online rather than through the post. However, if you're keen to send us a paper copy, please send it to:

Human Resources
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)
Stoneleigh Park

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